Reflection of Reality
by Brenda Ehmka

My mask is mirrored with dignity
Adversity ripping at my roots, beseiged with emotions.
Strangely enough, I am comforted.
Sometimes lonely, yet never alone, for I have been blessed.
Within the hollows of my being
Dwells the nucleus of my power
Strong yet silent, content to just "be".

I sense the pulse of energy, a faint flicker to be sure
Rising slowly until I possess an overwhelming
urge to release.
Desire makes itself felt, though I know not what will be.

A life born of captivity
forced upon my will at birth can't daunt me.
The well of my soul protecting my true self, hiding
wondering, and waiting till it's safe.

Creativity now demands expression.
Courageously I open up, leery of what will transpire.
Aware, I can't belie the seeds which were planted
long before I came.

Growth forces me to expand ever further.

Breaking free, radiant with the knowledge that's everlasting.

Serenity pervades my reality for I am secure,
sapient to the fact that no matter what,
I am never alone......

Brenda Ehmka, Wed, 19 Jun 1996
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