Entwining Moment
by Brenda Ehmka

The day I laid my eyes on you
I felt my spirits rise
For in that moment, eyes entwined
I saw through your disguise.

You tried to act so calm and cool
Renouncing what you felt
But in that instant, just like me
You felt your heart would melt.

That look went deeper than a well
To the hollows of our soul
For once the gaze was broken
We sensed an empty hole.

I wanted to sustain it
You tried to not look back
Because you feared that if you did
Our souls would sense no lack.

The day I laid my eyes on you
It pierced me like a dart
For in that moment our eyes met
I KNEW I'd lost my heart........

Brenda Ehmka, Thu, 20 Jun 1996
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