Heart and Soul
by Brenda Ehmka

There is a special mind-place
Where in secret we can dwell,
As for it turning physical
It's "far" too soon to tell.

I meet you in this mind-place
Because we think the same,
To the others on the outside
This seems only like a game.

But you and I know different
By the many thoughts we've shared,
In meetings just between our minds
Our hearts can thus be spared.

You have the same wish I have
To feel your soul be free,
Which is why we have this special place
Where your soul can beckon me.

I feel your love surround me
Inside, outside, up above,
The love felt in my heart and soul
Makes me feel just like a dove.

What started out as friendship
Has just recently took flight,
For now I feel my soul's growth
What I'm going through feels right.

I thank God for this friendship
And for our special place,
As payment for the love we share
We've been showered with his grace....

Brenda Ehmka, Tue, 18 Jun 1996
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