by Brenda Ehmka

I wait for night to descend,
eager to venture on my journey.
That periodic state of inner reflection
spent within the confines of my mind.

My destination matters not, for I am prepared.

I am led ever deeper into the recesses of
my mind, where I face myself at every turn.

Through guises and masks
I meet with all my selves,
each bearing a unique message pertinent
to my growth.

Not surprising, some appear with angelic grace
while others reflect the horrors kept at bay
within the realms of my subconscious.
I accept their lessons willingly for I stand
face to face with candid honesty.

I can't escape for it's known that I must return nightly
weaving the threads of prophetic intention
whilst tying up splintered and fragmented loose ends.

Dreams, my inner sanctuary of reality
beckoning, unraveling, and creating
all under the pretext of my sleep......

Brenda Ehmka, Fri, 21 Jun 1996
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