The Real Me
by Brenda Ehmka

I thought that when I met you
A "new person" I could be
But things did not work out that way
As I would surely see.

I wanted you to notice me
The good points and the bad
But all it ever seemed to do
Was make me really sad.

I though if I was careful
To be the best that I could be
But little did I realize
I should have just been me.

I hoped you'd be a friend to me
A soulmate I had found
But when I needed you the most
You were not around.

So now it's time to start the search
For someone who'll be there
This time I'm sure I'll be myself
And find someone who'll care.

For now I'll really strive to be
The best that I can be
I know I'll meet the one for me
I'm sure that you'll agree.

I've learned my lesson, it is true
Acting's made me see
I'd rather live my life alone
Than pretend that I'm not me...

Brenda Ehmka, Sun, 16 Jun 1996
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