the Villa Straylight

D O U B T     E V E R Y T H I N G

You have entered the silent, dark foyer of a vast structure, apparently hewn from solid obsidian. The perfectly smooth, infinitely black surfaces absorb all traces of color from the room. In the dim ambient light (from no apparent source) you see your reflection, grey and ghostlike, in the almost frictionless floor, the gently curving walls, and the ceiling high above.

As your eyes become accustomed to the minimal light, you begin to discern etchings, reliefs, and sculptures, made of the same completely black stone. The decorations are unmistakably gothic, bespeaking ancient ways and lost values, yet somehow this place has the scent of formidable technology about it.

Just as your eyes adapted to darkness, your ears recover from the constant noise outside and adapt to this place. You can now hear the soft, soothing music coming from everywhere around you. It has an ancient melody that touches some deep part of your soul, reassuring you. You feel strangely comfortable in this bizarre, solemn place.

A hollow, disembodied voice, haunted with the sighs of a thousand lost souls, seems to softly echo within your mind, having discreetly bypassed your ears.

"Welcome friend, to my home, the Villa Straylight. Please, make yourself at home. Stay as long as you like. Feel free to explore if you wish, or relax here with me for a moment."

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[query]Technomancers for hire
Because any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

[link]the Gloom Generation
Insert random witty one-liner here. Whatever. (under construction)

[link]Dave Noelle
A.K.A. Xebinon, the grey wanderer

[read]User's Guide to the Universe
Some things everyone should know about the universe we all live in.

The Dark Aesthetic and the "Goth" subculture

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A collection of select poems from USENet's alt.romance and newsgroups.

[read]Straylight's Chron X page
[Chron-X]Chron-X Headquarters
"Chron X" by Genetic Anomalies, is a collectible card game for the Internet, featuring Virtual Property, thanks to Genetic Anomalies' "Collectible Bits" technology.

[Use]Dave's HTML Color Mixer
This is a neat little utility that provides a fast, easy way to find the RGB codes for the colors you want on your web page.

[read]About the Methanol MetaHTML project
Description of, test files for, and current status of the "Methanol" MetaHTML project. 'Cleaner, cheaper, safer CGI.'

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Any web sites related to or affiliated with the Villa Straylight.

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Various Webrings in which the Villa Straylight is a member site.

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