the Villa Straylight
wandering through the Villa Straylight

You walk further into the immense, dimly lit foyer. Toward the far end of the room, you find two hallways, one on your left and one on your right. You can't tell from here what might be down either hall. Between the ornate, pitch black archways of the two halls, there is an equally ornate set of double doors with no apparent handles.

On the floor below the double doors, you notice some writing etched into the smooth, black surface. As you look closer, you realize that the letters are just now finishing carving themselves into the floor. A spot of light gradually appears at the top of the first letter of each word, and the light flows like liquid gold through the perfect script, letter by letter, softly illuminating the word 'UNTIL'.

Left hallway

Right hallway

Open the double doors

Go back to entrance

from the mind of David Andrew Michael Noelle
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