by Brenda Ehmka

I saw you in a vision
It came to me one day
Although I knew that it would pass
I prayed that it would stay.

Our eyes are but a window
Of a soul that needs to see
To choose the paths that we shall use
Till the day we set it free.

Until then we have other means
Of learning who we are
Our eyes connect with all the things
That are meant to take us far.

In quiet contemplation
I stare into your eyes
And although you'll never know my worth
I sense that you are wise.

It finally makes sense to me
This time can't be compared
For what we share is inside
To a time our souls have shared.

I saw you in a vision
I'll question it no more
By acknowledging your presence
I've opened my soul's door....

Brenda Ehmka, Thu, 13 Jun 1996
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