An Image in my Mind
by Brenda Ehmka

I have this image in my mind
The man who makes my day,
In order to respond to it
There's a price that I must pay.

I realize that you're out there
The perfect mate for me,
But before I try to find you
My soul must first be free.

You see, before I start my search
My true self I must know,
For once this quest has been appeased
I'll be shown which way to go.

There are so many facets of
Myself I show each day,
The real me's hidden deep inside
I'm quite ashamed to say.

It's wrong to wear a false front
Just to see who I can get,
For if this role is what I choose
It's a choice I'll soon regret.

This act will soon catch up to me
My real soul I can't hide,
While being who I'm meant to be
Can leave me filled with pride.

I have this image in my mind
I know who I'm to be,
Where before it just confused me
I now feel truly free.

So now it's time to find my mate
The search could be quite wide,
But just knowing that you're out there
I can FEEL you by my side.....

Brenda Ehmka, Fri, 21 Jun 1996
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