My Private Deck of Cards
by Brenda Ehmka

You've seen me at my darkest hour
You've seen me at my best
You've tried to help me through it all
God forbid, is there no rest?

I try to make it through each day
It's staggering it's so hard
It sometimes makes me wonder
Dare I flip tomorrow's card?

For life is like a deck of cards
We know not what will be
We have to wait until it's dealt
Do we really want to see?

Of course we really want to know
Cause that's the game of life
For if we knew tomorrow's tests
Would we last through times of strife?

So, I'll be patient through this day
While waiting for the morrow
Hoping as I live this day
I'll be thankful for tomorrow????

Brenda Ehmka, Wed, 26 Jun 1996
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