by Brenda Ehmka

There's something that I'd like to say
Although it seems quite hard,
Because you see, the bottom line's
You've caught me off my guard.

I've tried to look the other way
Pretend that it's not true,
But every time I close my eyes
These pictures come of you.

You seem like such a gentle man
I see it in your eyes,
That I just seem to come alive
It's caught me by surprise.

Your smile, it really touches me
I feel it in my heart,
I wish I knew you better
We've talked and that's a start.

To really take a closer look
Things aren't as they may seem,
To have someone to share my thoughts
Has been a lifelong dream.

This happened quite by accident
And I really mean no harm,
But it's hard to keep my distance
While you exude such charm.

I don't know your personality
I just know you from inside,
And from the things that I have learned
You should be filled with pride.

No one has ever touched the chord
That you have touched in me,
But if that's as far as it can go
Then friendship it will be.

So please don't think that I am strange
For liking what I see,
It's so hard to tell our feelings
That we're not really free..

Brenda Ehmka, Sun, 07 Jul 1996
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