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About Dave Noelle

By the way, "Noelle" is pronounced "NO-lee".

What does Dave Noelle look like?

There are some pictures here, but none of them are very recent. Even recent pictures may not help much, since Dave's appearance is subject to change without notice. Little things like hair color, style and length, and facial hair are particularly likely to change almost randomly. These pictures might give you some idea of the range involved, but don't expect to recognize him from any of these...

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Dave is:

An artist

He considers himself an artist of various media:


A Hitchhiker

Yes, he does carry a small, blue towel. Ask him about it some time. He'll be glad to introduce you. He also carries a couple small packets of peanuts, just in case. He has been looking for a good electronic thumb for some time now, but they don't seem to be very common on this planet. Rather surprising, considering the large proportion of inhabitants who are obsessed with trying to escape from it, and the even larger number who claim to have been picked up by passing U.F.O.s and promptly returned due to lack of interest.

If you hear him refer to "the bible," you can assume he means The More Than Complete Hitchhiker's Guide, by Douglas Adams.

A Gamer

Dave plays various role-playing games from time to time, when the opportunity arises. He also spends an inordinate amount of time playing computer-based role-playing games. He was a member of UB-SARPA, the University at Buffalo Strategists' and Role-Players' Association, for all of his five years in Buffalo.

    Favorite Role-Playing Games
  1. FASA's ShadowRun
  2. Steve Jackson Games' G.U.R.P.S.
  3. T.S.R.'s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd edition

from the mind of David Andrew Michael Noelle
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