America Online's review of alt.gothic

Date: 1997/01/21

Category: Sick and Twisted


reviewed by Adam Shaw
posted to alt.gothic by Sola V

We're not talking 15th-century architecture here. Put on those black clothes, don those shades, and bring an open mind. This is the newsgroup for the "gothic" subculture, an off-shoot of punk rock--at least, that's one of the theories behind the origin of the label. Be sure to lurk for a while and read the FAQ before posting or you'd better plan your own funeral.

Interestingly enough, in a subculture that deals with the Darker Side of Life (tm) the posts are often refreshingly intelligent and even cheerful if you can weed through the "Is gothic?" ("Is my cat gothic?" "Is going to school gothic?") and "What is gothic?" posts.

This crowd hates to be confused with the alt.vampyres, alt.depression, or any of the other stereotyped "gothic" crowds. The range of personalities is quite broad, with some of the members professing to be computer engineers, chemists, and other professionals. As with any cross-section of society, eloquence ranges from poetic to banal. Discussion topics are also varied from artists (musical and otherwise) to society's seeming closed-mindedness to the best places to visit when in a foreign city. The discussions are entertaining, engaging, and sometimes touching.