For You My Love...
by Paul Cox

Focus on the lights of the city
beyond your beauty I can look past
and recall a hundred sundays
waking up without you or even a
cup of coffee to call my own.

It seems I've seen you in every shade
whatever color or hue might bounce
from those curves....that smile...
the eyes they say...are the windows to our souls
I would gladly dive into those pools
if I couldn't, or wouldn't, I'd be a lesser man
without you.

Now stabbing the more moment
to lie with those arms and legs tangled,
will we wake up to a world less troubled...
will I forget last weeks smile....
you hold my hand so gentle, it makes me wonder why
I let those hands work so hard.

Give to me the moment of your day that no one
else has claimed yet....and just for that one moment
I'll forget about the laundry or the neighbor down the street
for the knight in me needs to rescue a lovely maiden,
even if it's only for a still moment
a moment still.....can be as romantic as a rose.

Paul Cox, Tue, 25 Jun 96
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