Dream Space
by Brenda Ehmka

My dreams are very special
They allow me space to dwell
On other planes, where life is good
Relief lasting for a spell.

The day in, day out struggles
They sometimes overwhelm
To the point that I forget
That I am at the helm.

Underneath an oak tree
Shadowed figures on my face
A feeling that I've sat before
Upon this very place.

I feel the breeze upon my hair
Grass moving to and fro
Just knowing as I meditate
That I've begun to grow.

We are so very foolish
For our peace comes from within
And if we could but see this fact
Dreams realized help us win.

So I'll be thankful always
For the freedom of my mind
My dreams have given me so much
My peace has been defined.......

Brenda Ehmka, Mon, 24 Jun 1996
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