by Crystn James-Martin

Is there something more I could have said ?
Is there a way I could have made you feel stronger ?
Did the space that I offered scare you away ?
Or am I what you really are looking for ?

You dream of someone to love you as you are
You long to find someone who you can talk to
You want and want for a friend who will accept all of your secrets
And never judge ... did I frighten you ?

I want a lover who will be honest and true and love me as I am
Yet do I ?
If he were to love a part of me that I hate would he still be my dream ?
Or could I ?

I gave you a pasture of sunshine and cotton
To warm you and soften your fall
You run from me afraid of your shadow
I remain simply a wall

As a mirror of love sits before you
You squint with the pain of self-avoidance
I carry a picture of truth to your knee
You offer me passing innocence

I know that you are a child of love
I see your young eyes cry to heaven
I've witnessed your tender uncertainty
I've been strong as you needed your weakness

I am dust on a flower you swept as a boy
I am paint you watched peel from the wall of your room
I am all that you asked for my angel
Is that why I scare you ?

Crystn James-Martin, April 7, 1996
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