The Winds of Change
by Kathy Burns

The winds are blowing
Can you feel the breeze
Someday they will shift
And this will be just another memory

Life takes us places
We sometimes don't want to go
Just imagine if it did not
So many things we would not know

So many people
We've met and known
Some maybe wastes of time
Some have helped us grow

It saddens me to think
Someday you won't be around
To give me the smile
That lifts my feet off the ground

To not hear your laughter
Or feel your sweet touch
To not have your arms around me
The thoughts are almost too much

I dread the thought
Of your going away
Yet I know it will happen
I just don't know what day

To not say hi, at least by note
I know may be the hardest part
But you've touched me enough
To always have a place in my heart

The memories of you
Will be cherished and kept
The good and the bad
When we've laughed and when we've wept

If I had one wish
And could make it come true
It would be the hope
That the memories are also cherished by you

by Kathy Burns
written 5/4/96, posted to alt.romance 5/7/96
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